Economic type spot welder

Consumer Products manufacture facing thousands of electrical connection joints through out the assembly process with generic miniature metal parts connection to lead wire etc. to be the electrical conductor becomes increasingly popular nowadays. The ACRON MP5-0NP is vital welding equipment in particular for various range of thin metal connection i.e. iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum.
Economic version ACRON MP5-0NP is suitable for handling small and medium lots spot welding process, it’s unique light weight portable design for easy to move around and set up within minutes at wherever the production process is required, to have electrical connection be assembled as demanded by the sequential process flow operation. ACRON MP5-0NP is a desktop space saving spot welding equipment, operating with pneumatic and single phase AC power source, for precision, clean and good quality weld enhancing both your production yield and efficiency.
ACRON MP5-0NP is user-friendly. The welding process is fully controlled by a special developed 8-bit microprocessor. Both the electronic and power circuits are built with protect circuitry to ensure the welding operation is trouble free even the input electricity power network voltage is unstable. In case the equipment is working under a significantly fluctuated electricity power network, ACRON MP5-0NP has built-in with an automatic voltage and welding power compensation stabilizer to guarantee the output welding energy is
consistence insuring good quality and reliable welded joint.



* Built-in 8 Bit Micro Processor
Advance unique software application to achieve reliable and quality spot-weld joints.
* Portable Size Design
Unique light weight with overall dimension only 49.3x17.4x33.9 cm (19.40x6.85x13.35”) (H x D x W), and weight only 27 kgs (59.6 lbs), operated by single-phase AC power with plug in pneumatic socket.
* Closet control Panel
Closet control panel built inside the cabinet to prevent shaking or vibration due to operation and/or moving the equipment around causing undesired setting occurred. The setting method is simple. The operator requires less training and can master the machine efficiently.
* Self-contained Digital Display and Memory Setting
Welding data is digitally set and precisely displayed. All setting is memorized by the built-in battery free memory system.
* Pneumatic Operation
Fully pneumatic operation reduce operator(s) fatigue ensure high productivity.
* Feasibility
Suitable for variety range of metal such as copper, bronze, aluminium, stainless steel, nickel alloy and tiny lead wire connection to conductive tabs.

* Safety Alarm System
Built-in self-alarm system whenever the machine is being misused and generated abnormal heat, the alert sound will automatically switch "ON" to alert the operator to stop the welding operation and have the maintenance technician to check the machine before being further damaged.
* Easy Maintenance
The electronic control circuit is designed with plug in module board. In case of faulty simply switch off the main and replace the module board to sustain production.
* Optional Automatic Power Compensation Unit Set In the event of significant unstable or poor electricity power network, it is highly recommend to install this optional set. Once this APCU set is installed, the built-in CPU frequently scans and monitors the input
voltage. Once the input voltage is up and/or down, the CPU will trigger the APCU circuit and automatically adjust the welding energy within millisecond to ensure steady reliable and quality weld joints operation.



Rate Voltage
Primary Current
Duty cycle
Weld Pulse
Weld Energy Steps
Digital display
Secondary Voltage (open)
Cylinder Dia
Electrode Arm Apart
Electrode Dim
Length of Welding Arm
Electrode Pressure (Max.)
Operating Pressure (Max.)
Operating Pressure (Min.)
Air consumption / 1000 stokes
Air Input Hose
Overall Dim
Net Weight
Packing Size
Gross Weight
Package Material
220VAC / 110VAC􀂲10%
50 / 60 Hz
5 %
7 segment x 2
8 bit microprocessor
EE Prom
9.8 mm (0.386”) D
22 mm (0.87”)
83 mm (3.27”)
6 mm (0.24”) D X 80mm (3.54)
76 mm (2.99”)
5.2 Kgs (11.5 lbs)
7 Kgf/sq. cm (99.6 psi)
2 Kgf/sq. cm (28.5 psi)
4300 cu. cm (262.4 cu. in)
5/16" BSP
49.3x17.4x33.9 cm (19.40x6.85x13.35”)
27 Kgs (59.60 lbs)
59x25x42 cm (23.22x9.84x16.54”)
28.5 Kgs (62.83 lbs)
2 Ply Carton with polyfoam Layer

Due to our policy of continuous product improvement, the specifications is subject to change without notice.