PNE BS-5 weld head is a perfect tool for precision tab welding applications, it was designed working together with power unit FC700-5 or combined a work bench WS-3 and formed FS700-5 weld station.
The equipment consists of two low inertia electrode holders both suspending on frictionless linear ball bearing columns, weld forces applying are by means of compressed springs through a pair of fine
force adjusting screw knobs to the joints, this arrangement fully considered stability of welding force as well as provided an excellent effect for electrode force following up, which are most important key factors in resistance weld process.
Movement of weld head is fully controlling by our unique DPCS “Differential Pressure Control System”.
During operation, the DPCS system will automatically minimizes the weight of weld head at the same time eliminated exceed impact caused by down velocity momentum.
Thanks for the helps of ergonomic engineering, the PNE BS-5 was perfectly considered human and machine factors, our design philosopher is base on easy handling and minimize of human fatigue.
Equipped with a large area working platform, where various sizes pads or weld fixture can placed on and operating comfortably, the height of weld head can adjusted to 270mm, large / long size batteries or the connection are in row can be successfully insert into the throat without problem. The weld head is moves by a fold lever turn knob locating on the top, through the driving fine pitch lead screw, weld head can adjust to any decided working clearance.

1. Ergonomical Design Both For Performance And Appearance..
Design fully considered five aspects of ergonomics, Safety,
Comfort, Ease of use, Productivity/performance, and Aesthetic.
2. Fine Weld Force With Rapid Following Up..
Spring loaded fine adjustment of preset welding forces, provides
a very stable in welding forces, low inertia linear devices
actuating a quick following up force during metal fashioning,
which is very important for reducing weld sparks and improved
joint quality.
3. Differential Pressure Actuate System..
Down speed of weld head is precisely controlled by our
patented DPCS “Differential Pressure System”, actuate force
was applying in two different states, light and fast / heavy and
slow. The DPCS system successfully eliminated extra momentum
caused by down velocity as well as shorten whole working
4. Large Working Platform With Long Throat..
Large operation platform suitable for jointing over size pads or
batteries adapting with weld fixture. Long working throat
arrangement, the platform is perfectly to handle long batteries
or cells connecting as cylinder.
5. Designed For Bench Work And Automation..
The PNE BS-5 is a stand along weld head mostly use for bench
operation. Working with automation, weld head and stand can
easy remove from the base by simply loosen it through two lock
levers and relocated it on the automatic machine.
6. Work Clearance Fine Tune..
Work clearance between electrodes and battery can be fine
align through a top turning knob on the weld head accordingly.
Benefits for easy set up of welding electrodes also for quick
compensate of wearied electrodes.