PNE/ELE BS-3 weld head is a prefect tool for battery tab weld applications, it was designed working together with “traron “ series power units for precision tab welding, or combined with work bench to formed manual weld platform, besides, it may use together with our optional control box [ Model No EX01-1.0 ] adapting for industrial automation. The equipment consists of two low inertia electrode holders both suspending on frictionless linear ball guide ways, weld forces applying are by means of compressed springs through a pair of fine force adjusting Nylon molded screw knobs applying to the joints, this arrangement was fully considered stability of welding force as well as provided an excellent effect of electrode rapidly following up, as weld electrodes were settled on two precision linear ball guide ways, resultant of zero clearance as well as frictionless during travelling, above key factors are most critical requirement for quality weld head.
We supply two kind of weld head both pneumatic and motor drive types. PNE BS-3 pneumatic weld head, movement of weld head is fully controlling by our unique DPCS “Differential Pressure Control System”. During operation, the DPCS system will automatically minimizes the weight of weld head at the same time eliminative exceed impact caused by down velocity and momentum. For motor drive weld head ELE
BS-3, motion is driving by a servo motor, the angular spinning from the motor is than transfer to linear up-down movement through a low friction ball lead screw to actuate the weld head. The benefits of motor drive is faster in operation, stepless control of weld head speed and stroke length, eliminate all damages caused by exceed impact, very precise control of
welding force as well as improved position accuracy.
Thanks for the helps of ergonomic engineering, the
BS-3 was perfectly considered human and machine
factors, our design philosopher is base on easy
handling and minimize of human fatigue. Equipped
with a large area working platform, where various
sizes pads or weld fixture can place on and operating comfortably.

1. Ergonomically Design Both For Performance And Appearance..
Design fully considered five aspects of ergonomics, Safety, Comfort, Easy for use, Productivity/performance, and Aesthetic appeal.
2. Fine Weld Force With Rapid Following Up..
Spring loaded fine adjustment of preset welding forces, provides a very stable in welding pressure, low inertia and frictionless linear ball guide ways actuating a quick following up force during metal fashioning, which is a important factor for reducing weld sparks and improved joint quality.
3. Both Pneumatic And Motor Drive Models Are Available.
Pneumatic weld head PNE BS-3 is simply and economical model, suitable for general purpose manual operation. However, motor head ELE BS-3 is perfectible for high speed or frequently operation, it’s flexibility of speed adapting and fully controllable features, make it idea for large lot size production as well as for industrial automation.
4. Large Work Table With Long Throat..
Large operation platform suitable for jointing over size pads or batteries adapting with weld fixture. Long work stroke alignment, the machine is perfectly handling long batteries or for cells connecting as cylindrical rod shape.
5. Designed For Bench Work And Automation..
The BS-3 is a standing alone weld head mostly use for bench operation. Working with automation, an optional Export connecting box for automation [ Model No EX01-1.0 ] is recommended to add with PLC controller, after linked up, all in/out signals can be passing through bidirectionally, so it is ideally working with PLC controller, as a precision resistance weld power supply adapting for industrial automation.
Our standard model,weld head and stand can easy remove from it’s base by simply loosen it from lock screws and relocated it on the bed of automatic machine.
6. Air Spring Suspension Of Height Adjustment.
Weld head is suspending on a weight balance air spring cylinder inserted in the supporting column, height adjustment can simply be done by push and pull the handrails locating on the top and side of the weld head, through the help of auxiliary force from the driven air spring, weld head can easy and fast adjust to any decided height.
7. Battery Polarities Identification. [ Optional ]
BS-3 can be adapt with an optional polarity identify sensor kit [ part no 301-0-110 ] and magnetic battery base locator, since positive or negative ends of every cells was determined by magnets inserted into the base locator, once signal was picking up by the sensor under the machine base, identification signal will input into the power unit and control, system immediately verified the weld is taking place on the battery positive or negative ends, various energies preset according polarities will automatically release to weld the joint. Benefit of this function is.. Every weld energies are customizated according weld conditions, symptom of loose weld and over welded will no longer arise..